Table 4

Combination of outcomes versus GPRD asthma

ALSPAC asthma outcomeGP-recorded diagnosis of asthma
Ever reported wheezing+ever reported breathlessness
 No99 (86.1%)6
 Yes1620 (76.9%)
Ever reported symptoms+doctor diagnosis by 7.5 years
 No113 (98.3%)8
 Yes218 (69.2%)
Wheezing reported on ≥2 occasions+doctor diagnosis
 No112 (97.4%)6
 Yes320 (76.9%)
Ever reported a frequent wheeze+doctor diagnosis
 No114 (99.1%)9
 Yes117 (65.4%)
  • ALSPAC, Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children; GP, general practitioner; GPRD, General Practice Research Database.