TableĀ 2

Average retail price of cheapest legal versus cheapest illicitly traded single cigarettes and packs of 20 at spaza shops and street vendors

Single cigarettes
LegalZAR 1.90ZAR 1.97ZAR 2.00ZAR 2.31ZAR 2.26ZAR 2.08
Illicitly tradedZAR 0.85ZAR 0.96ZAR 1.08ZAR 0.6ZAR 1.06ZAR 0.93
Packs of 20
LegalZAR 30.53ZAR 27.71ZAR 25.05ZAR 31.25ZAR 29.00ZAR 29.34
Illicitly tradedZAR 15.15ZAR 13.8ZAR 15.42ZAR 11.00ZAR 18.83ZAR 14.82