Table 2

Proportion of publications passing CAP and MORE ratings of relevance and newsworthiness

A: number (%) NIHR HTA reports 2007–2012B: number (%) Publications 2007–2012 from NIHR HTA studies included in AC: number (%) non-NIHR HTA publications
All publications286118190 391*
Number (%) passing CAP194 (67.8)68 (57.6)20 194 (10.6)
Number (%) passing MORE in at least one discipline192 (67.1)68 (57.6)19 921 (10.5)
  • *Estimated on PubMed searches of the number of articles published in all read journals, 2007–2012 (excluding editorials, letters).

  • CAP, critical appraisal process; HTA, health technology assessment; MORE, McMaster Online Rating of Evidence; NIHR, National Institute for Health Research.