Table 1

The demographic profile of the Western Australian population, study nominees and interviewees

Demographic2011 Western Australian population (N=2.39 million) (%)Nominees (n=98) (%)Interviewees (n=33) (%)
 High school or less511615
 Trade certificate or diploma7189
 University or post graduate degree146576
 Other or not stated2800
Age group (years)
Art form*
 Visual arts, design and craft6564
 Performing arts6758
 Electronic, online and digital arts1915
 Festivals and fairs5545
Mode of engagement*
 Make or create art7279
 Attend events8888
 Member of an arts organisation5258
 Work or volunteer in the arts (non-professional)3733
 Completing an arts course (formal or informal)2621
  • *Multiple response question—some respondents participated in more than one art form or mode of engagement.

  • †Information not available.