Table 6

Availability of renewable supplies for resuscitation

Suction catheter sizes 16 FG256
Tongue depressor wooden disposable373
Nasogastric tubes 10–16 FG2102
Light source (lamp and flash light)491
Intravenous fluid infusion set392
Intravenous cannulas482
Scalp vein infusion set373
Syringes 2 mL491
Syringes 10 mL4100
Disposable needles581
Sharps disposal container581
Sterile gauze dressing382
Bandages sterile373
Adhesive tape391
Needles, cutting and round bodied (for suturing)482
Suture synthetic absorbable463
Splints for arm, leg284
Towel cloth283
Absorbent cotton wool2101
Urinary catheter Foleys disposable #12, 14 and 18 with bag373
Sheeting, plastic for examination table473
Waste disposal container482
Face masks482
Eye protection257
Apron, plastic reusable392
Wash basin481
  • Number of facilities where element is always, sometimes or never available (N=14).