TableĀ 3

Availability of surgical (including obstetrics and trauma) interventions

General surgery and traumaAvailable
Resuscitation (airway, haemorrhage, peripheral percutaneous intravenous access, peripheral venous cut down)11
Chest tube insertion9
Removal of foreign body (throat/ear/eye/nose)11
Acute burn management12
Incision and drainage of abscess14
Suturing (for wounds, episiotomy, cervical and vaginal lacerations)13
Wound debridement11
Caesarean section13
Dilation and curettage (gynaecology/obstetrics)12
Obstetric fistula repair7
Hernia repair (strangulated, elective)10
Urethral stricture dilation11
Laparotomy (uterine rupture, ectopic pregnancy, acute abdomen, intestinal obstruction, perforation, injuries)12
Male circumcision12
Congenital hernia repair9
Neonatal surgery (abdominal wall defect, colostomy imperforate anus, intussusceptions)5
Cleft lip repair10
Clubfoot repair9
Contracture release/ skin grafting10
Fracture treatmentClosedOpen
Joint dislocation treatment9
Drainage of osteomyelitis/septic arthritis9
Biopsy (lymph node, mass, other)8
Tubal ligation/vasectomy9
Cataract surgery4
  • Number of facilities at which the procedure is available (N=14).