Table 3

Sensitivity analysis of randomised controlled trials of collaborative care → HbA1c outcome meta-analysis

Number of studiesNumber of sampleWMD95% CIp Value for heterogeneity
Fixed effects model71556−0.21(−0.37 to −0.05)0.001
Exclusion of three lower quality studies (score ≤4.0)41110−0.32(−0.81 to 0.17)0.001
Exclusion of one study outside the USA (Australia)61400−0.31(−0.68 to 0.07)0.001
Exclusion of three studies that integrated diabetes care41104−0.07(−0.35 to 0.21)0.086
Exclusion of two studies that considered lifestyle risk factors51186−0.27(−0.71 to 0.16)0.002
Exclusion of four studies of less than 1 year duration3833−0.18(−0.48 to 0.11)0.189
  • HbA1c, glycated haemoglobin; WMD, weighted mean difference.