TableĀ 2

Health outcomes highlighted by children, young people and parents mapped to domains of the ICF-CY

ICF domainExample areas
CommunicationUsing language, signs and symbols
MobilityMoving around, changing location
Sensory functionsHearing, seeing
PainGeneral or localised discomfort
SleepOnset and quality of sleep
Interpersonal interactions and relationshipsFriends and family
Making decisions and choicesPreferences
Neuromusculoskeletal and movement-related functionsGait, moving limbs
Self-careDiet, exercise, washing, dressing and toileting
Major life areasEducation, work
Functions of cardio and respiratory systemsEndurance and fatigue
Community and social lifeRecreation, sports and leisure
Other mental functionsConsciousness, orientation, social skills, cognition, energy and drive
TemperamentBehaviour, mood, emotion, anxiety, attention and concentration
Body structures
Genitourinary and reproductive functionsContinence, enuresis
Functions of digestive systemConstipation, swallowing, drooling
  • ICF, International Classification of Functioning Disability and Health; ICF-CY, ICF Children and Youth Version.