Table 2

Univariate and multivariate meta-regression for change in dietary fatty acid (covariate=percentage energy change in SFA, PUFA, MUFA and LA between intervention vs control groups)

CovariateNumber of studies or subsetsβ-Coefficient95% CIp ValueHeterogeneity (I2) (%)
All-cause mortality (univariate)
SFA80.0029−0.1156 to 0.12160.95375.24
PUFA80.0253−0.0351 to 0.08580.34572.97
MUFA8−0.0024−0.1475 to 0.14260.96872.04
LA80.0355−0.0387 to 0.10990.28673.04
Cardiovascular mortality (univariate)
SFA90.0089−0.0900 to 0.10790.83656.89
PUFA90.0182−0.0449 to 0.08130.51758.23
MUFA90.0186−0.1428 to 0.18010.79356.58
LA90.0245−0.0517 to 0.10080.47258.10
Total cardiovascular events (univariate)
SFA90.0181−0.0884 to 0.12470.69970.88
PUFA90.0157−0.0444 to 0.07590.55673.70
MUFA9−0.0069−0.1172 to 0.10330.88575.80
LA90.0224−0.0492 to 0.09400.48474.05
Myocardial infarction (univariate)
SFA90.0114−0.0813 to 0.10410.78066.23
PUFA90.0011−0.0529 to 0.05510.96266.60
MUFA9−0.0224−0.1267 to 0.08180.62769.19
LA90.0028−0.0627 to 0.068400.92266.87
All-cause mortality (multivariate)
SFA80.0800−0.1390 to 0.29910.36877.39
PUFA80.0568−0.0534 to 0.16710.226
MUFA8−0.0230−0.2254 to 0.17930.768
Cardiovascular mortality (multivariate)
SFA90.0768−0.1422 to 0.29590.40967.14
PUFA90.0584−0.0660 to 0.18300.281
MUFA9−0.0381−0.2691 to 0.19270.689
Total cardiovascular events (multivariate)
SFA90.1103−0.0691 to 0.28980.17577.96
PUFA90.0638−0.0347 to 0.16230.157
MUFA9−0.0825−0.2417 to 0.07650.240
Myocardial infarction (multivariate)
SFA90.0665−0.1237 to 0.25680.41075.28
PUFA90.0355−0.0703 to 0.14140.428
MUFA9−0.0675−0.2424 to 0.10720.366
  • LA, linoleic acid; MUFA, monounsaturated fatty acids; PUFA, polyunsaturated fatty acids; SFA, saturated fatty acids.