Table 1

Demographics and clinical characteristics for patients with IIH at baseline and at follow-up and healthy controls

IIH baselineIIH follow-upControlsStatistics
n=31n=29n=31p Value*p Value†
Age (SD), years31.0 (11.2)30.7 (11.2)0.91
Gender, f/m31/031/0
Danish adult reading test (SD), words22.9 (6.8)24.8 (5.3)0.15
Education (SD), years11.2 (2.2)12.8 (2.1)0.001
Educational level (n)0.38
 Long cycle higher (≥5 years)03
 Medium cycle higher (3–5 years)47
 Short cycle higher (<3 years)44
 Vocational upper-secondary53
 No education84
Household income (n)0.81
 High (>DKK 400 000/year)108
 Middle (DKK 200–400 000/year)1212
 Low (<DKK 200 000/year)911
Clinical characteristics
BMI (SD), kg/m235.7 (6.2)34.0 (6)23.6 (4)<0.0010.009
Headache at time of testing, n (%)22.0 (71)14.0 (48)0
Mean headache intensity (SD), VAS2.64 (2.3)1.84 (2.4)0.01
ICP ↔ cognitive testing‡ (SD), days3.0 (2.4)1.0 (1.6)
Mean ICP§ (SD), cm H2O41.0 (12.6)25.9 (5.5)<0.001
Memory difficulties¶, n (%)17.0 (55)18.0 (62)0.42
Concentration difficulties¶, n (%)20.0 (65)15.0 (52)0.18
Duration of IIH symptoms (SD), months4.3 (5.4)
  • χ2 Test was used for household income, Fisher's exact test for educational level and McNemar's test for paired categorical variables. Two-tailed t test was used for numerical variables. Significant p Values are printed in italic.

  • *p difference between patients at baseline and healthy controls.

  • †p difference between patients at baseline and follow-up.

  • ‡Time span between ICP measurement and cognitive testing.

  • §ICP measured with direct ICP monitor (n=1) not included.

  • ¶Subjective difficulties reported by the patients.

  • BMI, body mass index; DKK, Danish Krone; ICP, intracranial pressure; IIH, intracranial hypertension; VAS, visual analogue scale.