Table 3

Multilevel analysis of variance (random effects) on UMAs among men and women aged 65 years or older in Norway (2009); municipality and hospital region levels

Model 1Model 2Model 3Model 4Model 5Model 6Model 7
Random effects
Variance hospital region (SE)0.007(0.002)0.008(0.002)0.008(0.002)0.008(0.002)0.008(0.002)0.008(0.002)0.008(0.002)
Variance municipalities (SE)0.01(0.000)0.007(0.001)0.007(0.001)0.007(0.001)0.007(0.001)0.007(0.001)0.007(0.001)
Extrabinomial dispersion (SE)1.190(0.027)1.204(0.027)1.204(0.027)1.204(0.027)1.204(0.027)1.204(0.027)1.159(0.026)
  • Values are given as variances on the log odds scale with SEs in brackets and as MORs.

  • All variances were significant at p<0.05 (approximate Wald tests).

  • MORs, median ORs; UMAs, unplanned medical admissions.