Table 4

Results: Mountside

MountsideReported benefits in HE, PA and MHWB
HE▸ Yeah, you know children like chips, sausages, yeah. Just sometimes I'm cooking chips—every time Turkish foods; rice yeah. You know, my older one all the time she wants outside, McDonalds, chicken, chips, she's eating too much. And everywhere this food. I'm telling her ‘you know, too much oily inside, you no eat’ and she's not listening to me. Hanife, 36, Turkish
▸ You can see the higher fast food intake, zero exercise, high alcohol and stressful kind of lifestyles that people lead. And this is also supported by the number of fast food outlets that thrive in these areas. Mohan, 31, Asian British
PA▸ We've got one park over the road but, again that's a dangerous place. We've had murders over there, we've had people killing the swans to eat and people sleeping rough over there. So of course, parents weren't taking their kids over to the park, and you can't blame them, I wouldn't go over there. Marie, 46, White British
MHWB and SI▸ It was fantastic, it brought up a lot of issues and a lot of practices and things that I'm already aware of, and I really, really enjoyed it’. Saroja, 27, Asian British
▸ Oh yeah, and I wish it could continue, I really, really do, because I think it's started to actually break down a few barriers. We were all really sad when it ended and I thought; this is something that could really build up. And I just wish we could have Well London permanently. It was a really nice thing, and because it came to this area it made us think, well we are important, it's come here. I know it came here because we were a deprived area but people are listening to us. They're trying to do something to help us. And like I say, the worst thing is that we haven't got it (now). If you can bring it back I'd be ever so grateful and so would a lot of other people. Karen, 41, White British
▸ I came away having learnt a lot more about the other women—appreciating them more, yeah, I think that's word should be put in there; appreciating other people, not just cultures but people themselves. Molly, 45, Caribbean
▸ It takes the form of exercise when I can be bothered. I will say I'm a bit lazy sometimes, so you'll do it and then it's like you don't want to take it on, on your own, so you do need motivation Jan, age 36, White British
  • HE, healthy eating; MHWB, mental health and well-being; PA, physical activity; SI, social interaction.