Table 3

Results: Eastford

EastfordReported benefits in HE, PA and MHWB and SI
HE▸ Yeah, whereas say somebody comes in on Tuesday and does a little bit of cooking—it's quite quick, but with the ‘Cook & Eat’ it was more in depth and they explained things better and you could ask questions and all things like that, yeah, it was much better. Clare, 38, White British
▸ Earlier I used to be like, junkie foods eating; crisps and all those things. Now it's like more fruit and vegetables and salad in my diet. Shubha, 28, Indian
PA▸ It was great, it's fantastic—I cannot express how good it is to get in there and get your hands dirty, and to see everybody else doing the same thing. Sarah, 34, White British
▸ Yes, I do a lot, because I'm doing them exercises it's helped me, it's good for my health, I feel much better, I can breathe properly. And you make friend. Yeah, it's good for me—I go out, and you meet friends. Tricia, 72, Caribbean
MHWB and SI▸ I feel I can keep my mind going and I feel like my mind has to be active because I don't want to sit down and get depressed or something. If I think bad things then I won't be doing nothing and I don't want to go like that yeah. Maureen, 48, Irish
▸ I feel so much more confident that we can make this move on; the thing we were given was confidence building. I think that sort of confidence building was something I didn't see—yeah, running an organisation, running that level of budgeting and planning. Michael, 50, White British
▸ You can see it, just a healthier lifestyle: people busy all the time, people—not so much arguments and you see that less and people are a lot more sociable as well. Pat, 36, Black British
  • HE, healthy eating; MHWB, mental health and well-being; PA, physical activity; SI, social interaction.