Table 3

Average daily food group intakes for men (N=11 250) and women (N=13 602) participating in the EPIC-Norfolk study, from the FETA programme

Food groupMedianMeanSDMinimumMaximumMedianMeanSDMinimumMaximum
Alcoholic beverages (g)10120431502483236410901728
Cereals and cereal products (g)2422601270145621523111001172
Eggs and egg dishes (g)18171502251416140236
Fats and oils (g)31362202072730200218
Fish and fish products (g)32372603623238260309
Fruit (g)1792121640265423827820103742
Meat and meat products (g)991065408569194480606
Milk and milk products (g)4074201820130338641017501560
Non-alcoholic beverages (g)11571177396037071150116540304501
Nuts and seeds (g)03902280390188
Potatoes (g)12512269010071161126401506
Soups and sauces (g)4358540100443575301376
Sugars (g)53645005723748420541
Vegetables (g)2362551230239826228414303539
  • EPIC, European prospective investigation into cancer and nutrition; FETA, food frequency questionnaire EPIC tool for analysis.