Table 1

SIRS patients meeting definitions of acute kidney injury using peak serum creatinine in the 14 days following surgery

All patients (n=6598)*Patients with a preoperative eGFR ≥60 mL/min/1.73 m2 (n=4668)Patients with a preoperative eGFR <60 mL/min/1.73 m2 (n=1930)Statistical power to detect a 20% relative risk reduction (7000 patients) (%)†
Primary definition
AKI (a SIRS definition)2557 (38.8%)1678 (36.0%)879 (45.5%)99
Alternate definitions
AKI stage 2 or more (a SIRS definition)614 (9.3%)395 (8.5%)219 (11.3%)79
AKI stage 3 or more (a SIRS definition)265 (4.0%)132 (2.8%)133 (6.9%)44
Receipt of acute dialysis within 30 days164 (2.5%)71 (1.5%)93 (4.8%)29
AKI (a SIRS definition) or death2625 (39.8%)1721 (36.9%)904 (46.8%)99
  • *Number of SIRS patients with data as of November 2013. We expect over 7000 patients will meet the criteria for the primary AKI analysis.

  • †Two-tailed α 0.05, χ2 test, assumes that the incidence observed in all patients (n=6598) will be the incidence observed in the placebo group.

  • AKI, acute kidney injury; eGFR, estimated-glomerular filtration rate; SIRS, Steroids In caRdiac Surgery trial.