Table 1

Clusters of publications

Number of publications
ClusterDescriptionTotal2000–20052006–2010Per cent of totalRatio
0Publications not assigned to a cluster693
1Quality improvementPatient safety on an organisational/national level. Including studies concerning implementation of large quality improvement projects6083013079.96.50.7
2Quality improvementPatient safety on an organisational/national level. Including studies concerning implementation of large quality improvement projects5642033616.77.61.1
3Incidence of adverse eventsIncident reporting and incident prevention. Including articles following the IOM report “to err is human”84441942513.79.00.7
4Medication errorIncidence of medication and dosing errors; computerised prescription and smart infusion pumps91534057511.112.11.1
5Training, simulation and communicationHuman factors engineering and crew resource management9132416727.914.21.8
6Adverse drug eventsIncidence of adverse drug events and drug complications7352255107.410.81.5
7IT support systemsThe role of IT support systems in error prevention3281551735.13.70.7
8CulturePatient safety culture and organisational climate4101652455.45.21.0
9Infection controlInfection control and prevention5221533695.07.81.6
10Medical errors and liabilityMedical errors and liability; ethics and disclosure2831271564.23.30.8
11Fatigue and workhoursThe influence of fatigue; work hours and burn out on patient safety224791452.63.11.2
12Guidelines (implementation)Development and implementation of guidelines to improve patient safety. Including NICE guidelines200103973.42.00.6
13Shared treatment decision-makingIncluding patient preference studies and doctor patient communication230132984.32.10.5
14Diagnostic errorsDiagnostic errors and clinical decision-making15259931.92.01.0
15NursingIncluding nurse staffing; job satisfaction; experience and education2301041263.42.70.8
16Laboratory medicineIncluding errors and adverse events in transfusion medicine; pathology and clinical laboratory medicine181671142.22.41.1
17Quantity and qualityVolume as a marker for quality and patient safety in high-volume hospitals180741062.42.20.9
18AnaesthesiaPatient safety and anaesthesia-related topics13169622.31.30.6
19Medical emergency teamsIncluding criteria for alerting medical emergency teams, early warning, identifying the critically ill patient end evaluation of medical emergency teams137351021.12.21.9
  • The ratio of the publication rates for each cluster in the periods 2006–2010 and 2000–2005 is reported in the rightmost column. A ratio above one indicates a relative increase in publications, while a ratio below one indicates a relative decrease in publications.

  • IOM, Institute of Medicine; NICE, National Institute for Health and Care Excellence.