Table 1

LTNC register core dataset

DomainData fieldsValue list/data description
1. LTNCDo they have an LTNC?Yes/no/not sure
If yes:  
 1a. Record neurological conditionDiagnosis
or nature of condition
ICD-10 and/or read codes
Free text to describe neurological condition if no code exists
 1b. Long termIs the condition likely to have an enduring effect?Yes/no/not sure
2. Needs for care/supportDo they have complex needs arising from the LTNC?Yes/no/not sure
If yes:  
 2a. Record impairment severityNeurological Impairment Scale17-item scores
 2b. Record needs for health and social careThe Needs & Provision Complexity Scale (NPCS-Needs)15-item scores
3. Need for ICPDo they require (and want) integrated care planningYes/no/not sure
4. Person responsible for registrationName of registering clinicianName and signature
5. If yes to 1, 2, and 3  
 5a: Are they having integrated care planning?When was last ICP review?Date
 5b: Is there a single point of contact?Named person or postName
Job title/contact details
  • ICP, integrated care planning; LTNC, long-term neurological condition.

  • Bold typeface indicates the principal questions.