Table 1

Characteristics of participating children with leukaemia

Age range (years)Child identification numberSexLeukaemia type*Symptom interval (period from symptom onset to diagnosis)Number of GP appointmentsNumber of other medical contacts prior to diagnosis
0–21FemaleALL5 months7
15FemaleAML6 months2
17FemaleALL1 week11 (Minor injuries unit self-referral)
3–62MaleALL2 months21 (A&E self-referral)
3FemaleALL5 days11 (Practice nurse)
4MaleALL3 months71 (A&E self-referral)
5FemaleALL1 week2
8FemaleALL3 months42 (A&E self-referrals)
10MaleALL2 months33 (A&E self-referrals)
12MaleALL5 days1
13FemaleALL3 months4
16MaleALL1 week11 (Practice nurse)
7–106MaleALL2.5 months2
9MaleALL3.5 months1
11–177FemaleALL3 weeks1
11MaleAML3 months1
14MaleAML3 weeks1
18MaleAML1 months2
  • *ALL, acute lymphoblastic leukaemia; AML, acute myeloid leukaemia GP, general practitioner.