Table 1

CQUIN target (April 2010) and change in proportion of kidney patients on home therapy based on Renal Registry data.41 42

 CQUIN target for 2011 unless stated differentlyHome haemodialysis (%)Peritoneal dialysis (%)
 Home haemodialysisPeritoneal dialysisDecember
December 2010DifferenceDecember
December 2010Difference
Birmingham Heart of EnglandTotal 35% by 2015*
Birmingham QEHTotal 35% by 2015*−0.5
Dudley Group of HospitalsTotal 35% by 2015*0.90.9026.428.21.8
Liverpool Aintree University Hospitals+1.7%+5.0%−0.4
Liverpool Royal Infirmary+2.0%20% total2.−3.4
Royal Preston Hospital+1.0%+2.0%−2.6
Salford Royal Infirmary+1.3%20% totalN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Shrewsbury & Telford HospitalTotal 35% by 2015*−3.1
University Hospital of North StaffordshireTotal 35% by 2015*
Wirral University Teaching Hospital+2.3%+1.3%
Royal Wolverhampton HospitalsTotal 35% by 2015*
Average England hospitals with CQUIN−0.07
Average England hospitals no CQUIN−0.61
Difference in averages 0.82†0.54‡
  • *20% PD and 10% HHD.

  • †Significant difference at 0.05 level of significance (Mann-Whitney U test).

  • ‡Non-significant difference at 0.05 level of significance (Mann-Whitney U test.

  • CQUIN, Commissioning for Quality and Innovation; HHD, home haemodialysis; N/A, not applicable; QEH, Queen Elizabeth Hospital.