Table 4

Characteristics of other trials

TrialNumber randomisedDisease/conditionParticipantsSettingIntervention(s)ControlOutcome retention trialTime point used in analysis
Motivation vs information
Cox 2008120Exercise improvementSedentary WomenAustralia CommunityMotivational workshops and newslettersInformation sheets and newslettersProgram and trial retention at 6 and 12 months6-month and 12-month data. Data for 6 months used
Chaffin 2009153Parenting improvementAdults referred for parenting improvementUS communitySelf-motivation informationStandard informationProgram attendance/trial retentionRetention at 12 weeks
Case management vs usual follow-up
Ford 2006703Screening prostate, lung, ovarian, colorectal cancer Adults in the PLCO screening trialUS sitesIn-depth case managementRegular trial proceduresAttendance at face to face cancer screeningRetention at 3 years
Open vs blind trial design
Avenell 2004538Prevention of fractureAdults with a history of osteoporotic fractureUK hospitalOpen trial designBlind trial designPostal questionnaire response at 4, 8, 12 monthsResponse at12 months