Table 4

Association between secondhand smoke exposure and depression in those who have never smoked and current smokers

VariablesNOR(95% CI)OR*(95% CI)OR†(95% CI)
Never smoked (n=66 655)
Secondhand smoke exposure
 No exposure40 8151(reference)1(reference)1(reference)
 1–4 days per week17 7781.26(1.21 to 1.31)1.23(1.18 to 1.29)1.20(1.15 to 1.25)
 5 or more days per week80621.71(1.63 to 1.81)1.57(1.49 to 1.66)1.38(1.30 to 1.46)
Current smoker (n=8988)
Secondhand smoke exposure
 No exposure41011(reference)1(reference)1(reference)
 1–4 days/week25571.33(1.19 to 1.48)1.26(1.13 to 1.41)1.26(1.12 to 1.42)
 5 or more days per week23301.62(1.44 to 1.82)1.44(1.28 to 1.62)1.33(1.17 to 1.50)
  • *Adjusted for age, sex and alcohol consumption.

  • †Additionally adjusted for age, sex and alcohol consumption, socioeconomic status, stress and family live together.