TableĀ 1

Protocol amendments

30 March 2010Original protocol (approved as a single site study)
18 January 2011Amendment 01: at request of MHRA for authorisationIncorporated changes to wording of exclusion criteria to align these more closely with contraindications to PTH as listed in the SmPC and addition of participant timeline
4 April 2011Amendment 02: non-substantial changes to data collection forms
30 August 2011Amendment 03: protocol amended to incorporate an additional four recruiting sites due to lower potential participant numbers than anticipated
14 December 2011Amendment 04: change to Oxford PI and addition of three further sites
1 February 2012Amendment 05: non-substantial amendment. Minor changes to Participant Info Sheet
2 March 2012Amendment 07: non-substantial amendment. Minor changes to qualitative Participant Info Sheet
16 April 2012Amendment 08: extension to study timescales and revision of target recruitment rate. Addition of recruiting site and removal of recruiting site.
24 June 2012Amendment 09: change to Bath PI
  • MHRA, medicines and healthcare regulatory agency; PI, principal investigator; PTH, parathyroid harmone; SmPC, Summary of Product Characteristics.