Table 2

Interview schedule

Interview topic (sections 1–6)Key interview questions
1. Overview of life and values
  • Tell me about yourself and your life, for example, what you spend your time doing and how you enjoy yourself

  • What sorts of things do you worry about?

2. Information-seeking behaviours and influences
  • Can you tell me how you find out what is happening generally in the world?

  • And who are the people whose opinion you value or with whom you discuss important issues with? And why is that?

3. Views about health and vaccinations
  • Can I ask how you feel your own health is?

  • When you think about your health, what are all the things that come to mind? Do you do anything to keep healthy? What sorts of things?

  • Which doctors or nurses do you particularly trust and listen to, if any? And why is that? Why is that important to you?

  • Thinking now about vaccinations, what are all the things that come to mind when you think about vaccinations?

  • Looking at these cards, which are all adult vaccinations, please can you sort them into groups?

4. Journey to vaccination (or non-vaccination)
  • How would you describe to a friend how you came to have (or not to have) the vaccination? What things happened that meant you ended up getting (or not getting) vaccinated?

  • What would you say happened at that point that triggered that change (or decision)? And why was that important?

  • How did you know where to go for the vaccination? How did you book an appointment and fit it into your plans? What other things were competing for your time?

  • Before you were vaccinated, do you remember any times when you thought about or started the process towards being vaccinated but did not end up getting vaccinated? (vaccinated)

  • Of all of those things, which would you say was the most important thing that led to you not getting vaccinated? And why is that? And the second most important thing? And the third? (non-vaccinated)

5. Children's vaccinations
  • In general, do you think people should vaccinate their children against tetanus? Why/why not?

  • And do you think people should vaccinate their children against flu? Why/why not?

6. Factual knowledge on flu and tetanus and related vaccines
  • How much would you say you know about flu/tetanus? How serious or life-threatening do you think the disease is? In general, how likely do you think you are to catch the disease?

  • How much would you say you know about the vaccine for flu/tetanus? Do you happen to know how often it is recommended that you have it, or who it is recommended for?