Table 1

Selected cohort characteristics of 19 670 newly diagnosed patients with RA that met our criteria

CharacteristicNewly diagnosed RA n=19 670
Patient demographics
 Age at cohort entry, mean (SD)53.7 (16.3)
 Female, n (%)14 091 (71.1)
 Rural residence, n (%)3196 (16.2)
Patient comorbidity
 Number of Hopkins ADGs* in the 2 years prior to entry, n (%)
  <55229 (26.5)
  5–99790 (49.5)
  10+4741 (24.0)
Rheumatology access measures
 Time (days) from first diagnosis code to first rheumatologist visit, mean (SD)76.7 (76.9)
 Time (days) from first diagnosis code to first rheumatologist visit, median (IQR)50 (22–104)
 Rheumatology supply per 100 000 adults†, mean (SD)1.5 (1.1)
Distance to closest rheumatologist
 Kilometres, mean (SD)24.2 (69.7)
 Remote (≥100 km), n (%)1047 (5.3)
Primary care physician's characteristics
 Male, n (%) 13 872 (70.2)
 Years since graduation, mean (SD)24.5 (10.5)
Practice type, n (%)
 Blended capitation models‡ (FHO/FHN)976 (4.9)
 Traditional fee-for-service and enhanced fee-for-service (FHG/other)18 784 (95.1)
  • *Ambulatory diagnostic groups.

  • †In patient LHINs (regional health service planning areas).

  • ‡Practice types: blended capitation models (FHNs, FHOs, FHTs, an interprofessional team model composed of FHNs and FHOs), enhanced fee-for-service models (FHGs and other groups).

  • ADG, Adjusted Diagnostic Groups; FGH, Family Health Group; FHN, Family Health Network; FHO, Family Health Organisation; FHT, Family Health Team; LHIN, Local Health Integration Network; RA, rheumatoid arthritis.