Table 1

Observational item categorisation

Observational itemsCategorisation
WeatherSunny, cloudy or rainy
Day of weekWeekday or weekend
Time of dayMorning or afternoon
Average E-bike traffic volume per minuteBasic (≤10 E-bikes), low (11–15 E-bikes), medium (16–20 E-bikes) or high (>20 E-bikes)
Presence of a traffic controller (traffic policeman or traffic police assistant directing vehicular and pedestrian traffic)Yes or no
Type of E-bikeEquipped with pedals or otherwise in scooter form
E-bike registration statusRegistered with registration plate displayed or otherwise unregistered
E-bikers' genderMale or female
E-bikers’ occupationCouriers or not
Carrying passengersYes or no
Carrying oversized cargo (>60×40×20 cm3)Yes or no
Riding in a motor vehicle laneYes or no
Running red lightsYes or no
Riding in the opposite direction (ie, facing oncoming traffic)Yes or no
Mobile phone useYes or no
Helmet useYes or no
Wearing leather glovesYes or no
Wearing other motorcycle protective clothingYes or no
  • E-bike, electric bike; E-biker, electric biker.