Table 4

Spearman's rank correlation between dementia diagnosis rates divided into quartiles and prescription costs

YearsQuartile (lowest to highest diagnosis rates)Number of PCTs* in each groupMean NIC (SD) per person on dementia registerCorrelation between NIC and diagnosis ratep Value
2009–20101st37303.4 (177.3)0.5330.001
2nd38357.0 (131.5)0.571<0.001
3rd38317.0 (166.5)0.655<0.001
4th37333.8 (136.2)0.684<0.001
2010–20111st37329.5 (163.6)0.4970.002
2nd38328.9 (176.5)0.604<0.001
3rd38302.0 (164.6)0.644<0.001
4th37358.5 (127.1)0.764<0.001
2011–20121st37331.4 (185.8)0.3840.019
2nd38360.4 (167.4)0.742<0.001
3rd38337.3 (177.3)0.548<0.001
4th37379.3 (136.4)0.717<0.001
  • *NIC, net ingredient cost; PCT, primary care trust.