Table 3

Health costs and income of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) before and after diagnosis compared with controls

COPD (€)Controls (€)p Value (€)
Before diagnosis
N708 329708 343
 Outpatient treatment335227<0.01
 Inpatient treatment1534904<0.01
 Public health insurance357278<0.01
 Income from employment794711 418<0.01
 Public transfer income total12 85811 167
  Other public transfers54504104<0.01
  Sick pay (public funded)378238<0.01
 Direct health costs31441843
 Indirect costs, foregone earnings3471
 Sum of direct and indirect costs66161843
 Net costs4773
 Social transfer payments12 85811 167
 Net costs including transfers6464
After diagnosis
N597 235776 674
 Outpatient treatment789429<0.01
 Inpatient treatment55631736<0.01
 Public health insurance515361<0.01
 Income from employment45096800<0.01
 Public transfer income total13 88813 122
  Pension917110 317<0.01
  Other public transfers43612634<0.01
  Sick pay (publicly funded)356171<0.01
 Direct health costs86503135
 Indirect costs, foregone earnings2291
 Sum of direct and indirect costs10 9413135
 Net costs7806
 Social transfer payments13 88813 122
 Net costs including transfers8572