Table 5

Subthemes and illustrative quotes within the Format and Delivery of Safety Netting theme

SubthemeIllustrative quote
 Signs and symptoms to look forSimple things like tracheal recession that are quite easy to demonstrate… just to show them if they come in with that presenting complaint and it's just talking through it isn't it, if you see any of these signs then you need to come straight back thenDGH ED nurse
 Information sheetsMy doctor did give like an information leaflet… and I did read through it, because like on the Internet, you can get into so many areas and then you know you think, you need to feed your son, but when you've got a sheet at least you can find time to do thatAsian British mother
Preconsultation education
 Health visitorsI think the information almost needs to come before your child's ill at health visitor levelDGH ED nurse
 Peer educationI think peer education with young parents would be good because the thing is… they're only actually learning when they actually come into youGP surgery nurse
 School, nursery, social workersCertainly social workers might be a valuable way of actually getting information like this into these families… and teachersDGH ED doctor
 BooksIt's easy to flick through a book when your breastfeeding or bottle feeding or whateverwhite British mother
I didn't read the books, it was too much information. You don't want to be bombarded really I don't thinkwhite British mother
 PostersThey used to have a big resuscitation poster that they advised you to put in your children's bedroom… You could have your symptom checker thing on there because you're more likely to read it at the time you don't need it, than the time you do need itDGH ED nurse
 Information pack for new parentsBecause you read everything in that [information] pack because it's your first baby, so every leaflet is important in that [information] packDGH ED nurse
 AdvertsLike how many parents come forward and say, “Oh we found out our child had meningitis because we did the glass roll test.” I actually think media like that is one of the most powerful way of sort of getting to large groups is to have like it on tellywhite British mother
A lot of us can't read or write… (parent 1). So I think they do pick up a lot, travellers do rely on the adverts and that a lot more. They take more notice of them kind of things (parent 2)Travelling community mothers
 Centralised websiteif you've got an ill child and you're wanting to find out what it could possibly be, you don't want to spend hours looking for that information, you actually want to be able to go on a siteWhite British mother
Internet-based resources
If you've got a sick child at home and they're maunging at you, you haven't got the time to go on the internet… you've got a child hanging off your leg going, “Mummy I feel poorly, mummy I want this, mummy I want that,” or you know, screaming or, I don't think it's that practical that often you don't have the chance to go on the internetWhite British mother
 Mobile-phone accessible websiteYes the phone it's easily accessible and especially when you've got a baby. Rather than putting on the computer….I think the phone is a very good source because you keep it all the time with you. That's a very good thing, yeahWhite British mother
Audiovisual material
 PicturesA picture says a thousand words but it helps. Pictures definitely helpDGH ED doctor
 VideosMixed in with some kind of videos of things that you kind of click on to see what it, or pictures to see what it looks like. Because they're saying you're breathing faster, but as I said, that's one thing for one person and you know, it might mean something else to somebody else… And give patients and parents that autonomy to say actually no, I've looked at this, this is what it looks like and therefore my child is breathing fastPaediatric ED doctor