Table 4

Subthemes and illustrative quotes within the Safety Netting Quality Criteria theme

SubthemeIllustrative quote
BasicIt needs to be absolute almost so simple basicGP surgery doctor
Simple symbols, coloursSimple visual things like a tick and a cross. Lots of people know that a cross is not a good thing or it's a danger. Anything in red, anything green is good… or a sad face or a happy faceAsian British mother
Multiple languagesThe information that comes out actually needs to be in multiple languages as wellDGH ED doctor
Symptoms-basedof course a lot of the time you don't know the diagnosis so, yeah, so it's important it isn't sort of restricted to a diagnosis really I thinkOOHS GP
Professional endorsementObviously it has to be audited and have involvement with the governmentAsian British mother
Publicisedhalf of it would be the media in letting the parents know that is out there, because half of these things you don't know that they exist and you don't know what to trustwhite British mother
Easy and quick to accessI think it's just being able to access information very quicklywhite British mother
PortableNothing that adds to your weight of your bagwhite British mother
I always tend to keep a lot of stuff like that in her bag so I always know where it is and if I'm with her, her bag's always around anyway, so I would prefer thatwhite British mother