Table 2

HDAQ principle components analysis (n=90)

Scale: 7-item HDAQFactor 1: activity engagementFactor 2: avoidance and suppression
1. I am leading a full life, even though I have a hearing problem0.854
2. My life is going well, even though I have a hearing problem0.891
3. Despite hearing problem, I can draw up and stick to a certain course in my life0.857
4. When my hearing problem increases, I can still take care of my responsibilities0.763
5. My hearing problem leads me to avoid certain situations0.885
6. My hearing problem changes me as a person0.862
7. I spend a lot of time thinking about how things would be for me without a hearing problem0.734
Cronbach's α0.900.82
Percentage of variance42.9432.75
  • HDAQ, Hearing Disability Acceptance Questionnaire.