Table 2

Obesity-related lifestyle behaviours of white, Asian and black children enrolled in the 2010–2011 National Child Measurement Programme in five Primary Care Trusts in England

White (n=1 904), %Asian (n=607), %Black (n=226), %p Value*
Low physical activity
 Child does not achieve ≥1 h of physical activity/day56.283.379.5<0.001
High screen-time exposure
 Child engages in >2 h of screen-time/day42.759.468.5<0.001
 TV in child's room30.011.140.2<0.001
Poor dietary behaviour
 Child has unhealthy dietary behaviours†48.866.562.6<0.001
 Fruit and vegetable consumption (≤5 portions/day)66.782.386.0<0.001
 Sugar-sweetened beverage consumption (>1/day)71.471.065.10.570
Obesogenic lifestyle‡15.837.937.5<0.001
  • *From χ2 test for differences by ethnicity.

  • †A healthy eating score <5. Diet score generated as mean of scores for consumption of fruits and vegetables (higher consumption=higher score) and sugary drinks and sweet and savoury snacks (higher consumption=lower score), range 1–7.

  • ‡Does not achieve ≥1 h of physical activity/day, engages in >2 h of screen-time/day, and has unhealthy dietary behaviours.