Table 1

Sociodemographic and weight characteristics of white, Asian and black children participating in the 2010–2011 National Child Measurement Programme in five Primary Care Trusts in England

Total (n=2 737), %White (n=1 904), %Asian (n=607), %Black (n=226), %p Value*
School year†
 Year 645.848.839.839.8
Deprivation quintile‡
 1 (most deprived)19.014.323.646.5<0.001
 5 (least deprived)17.924.71.72.8
Child's weight status
 Healthy weight80.382.974.873.0
  • *From χ2 test for differences by ethnicity.

  • †Reception year=ages 4/5 years, year 6=ages 10/11 years.

  • ‡From Index for Multiple Deprivation (IMD) score based on postcode.