Table 5

Regression coefficients indicating the value of dance classes at t0 (week 0) and t1 (week 9) by group allocation

Control time 0 (n=104/120*)Control time 1 (n=104/120*)Intervention time 0 (n=80/90*)Intervention time 1 (n=80/90*)
CoefficientSEp ValueCoefficientSEp ValueCoefficientSEp ValueCoefficientSEp Value
Frequency of dance class<0.01<0.01<0.010.04
 Twice a week0.180.070.300.070.250.580.130.06
 Three times a week−0.180.07−0.300.07−0.250.58−0.130.06
Other hours available for leisure activities on dance class days<0.01<0.01<0.01<0.01
 2 h0.350.06−0.310.650.760.110.370.08
 3 h−0.350.060.310.65−0.760.11−0.370.08
  • Preferred level of attribute in bold.

  • *Number of valid responses from total possible responses.