Table 2

Baseline characteristics of patients diagnosed with IGM versus not diagnosed

Age, BMI and RPG in patients diagnosed with IGM vs patients not diagnosed with IGM
Diagnosed with IGM (n=11)Not diagnosed with IGM (n=53)
Age (years)*66.73±12.5959.48±18.10
BMI (kg/m2)*27.45±4.1724.73±9.85
RPG (mmol/L)*8.61±1.038.42±2.05
  • *Plus–minus values are means±SD.

  • †n=24/88 of missing data secondary to patients not reachable or did not follow-up with FP after 8 weeks.

  • BMI, body mass index; FP, family physician; IGM, impaired glucose metabolism; RPG, random plasma glucose.