Table 2

Domains of factors which influence trust in doctors

DomainQuestionsRespondents who agreed (%)Factor loading
Behavioural competenceIf the doctor explains to me clearly about the illness and its treatment80.30.668
If the doctor listens to me patiently79.80.666
If the doctor always has a smile on his/her face71.50.658
If the doctor is a person who always talks the truth75.30.633
If the doctor talks to me kindly71.40.511
If the doctor treats everybody similarly irrespective of religion, caste, language or ability to pay, etc74.20.510
If the doctor does not discriminate against me for reasons of religion, caste, language, etc61.40.449
If the doctor examines me with a stethoscope71.80.434
ComfortI feel comfortable talking to him/her630.860
I do not have any inhibitions with him/her5390.858
It is easy for me to approach the doctor560.779
Personal involvementIf the doctor recognises me and gives me special concessions48.80.744
If the doctor knows my family situation55.20.701
If the doctor treats me like his/her own family member570.661
If the doctor knows me by name53.30.647
If the doctor tries to help me beyond just my medical needs510.576
If the doctor accepts the gifts and presents that I give310.549
If the doctor belongs to my village/town510.467
If the doctor is a person who does not give much value to money57.40.406
Simple & elegant appearanceIf the doctor wears white or light colours clothes47.50.759
If the doctor appears simple55.20.734
If the doctor wears clean clothes66.40.722
If the doctor looks elder52.50.566
Cultural competenceIf the doctor belongs to my religion23.50.751
If the doctor belongs to my caste /tribe22.40.743
If the doctor understands my beliefs and practices46.10.697
If the doctor speaks the same language as me65.60.427
  • The KMO measure of sampling adequacy—0.810.

  • Bartlett's test of sphericity p<0.001.