Table 2

Duration between diagnosis of breast cancer and beginning of treatment

Number of days between diagnosis and treatment of breast cancerPublic patients (N=759)Private patients (N=89)
Treatment initiated on the same day4%5%
Treatment initiated between 1 and 10 days after diagnosis27%41%
Treatment initiated between 11 and 15 days after diagnosis23%20.5%
Treatment initiated between 16 and 25 days after diagnosis23.4%20.5%
Treatment initiated between 26and 75 days after diagnosis22%13%
Treatment initiated between 76 and 121 days after diagnosis0.6%0%
Average time between diagnosis and initiation of treatment19 days14 days
Median time between diagnosis and initiation of treatment15 days12 days
10th centile5 days3 days
25th centile9 days6.5 days
50th centile15 days12 days
75th centile24 days18 days
90th centile36 days28 days
95th centile48 days33 days