Table 1

Descriptive statistics

Percentage of obsNVariablePercentage of obsN
40 or under7.160Stage at diagnosis:stage 130.4258
41–5020.6175Stage 243.6370
51–5511.497Stage 319.6166
56–6013.3113Stage 46.454
60–6512.3104Average number of symptoms2
66–708.471Deprivation score: most deprived (1)19.6166
Age71 or greater27228Quintile 219.3164
Trust of presentation:
Breast screening unit
16.8143Quintile 318.8159
Belfast HSCT24.4207Quintile 422.5191
Northern HSCT12.8109Least deprived (5)19.8168
Private10.589Have a comorbidity72612
South Eastern HSCT12100Source of referral—GP74625
Southern HSCT11.56102Referral source-action cancer219
Western HSCT
Area of residence
1198Referral source—breast screening unit17143
Urban64542Referral source—other6.958
  • GP, general practitioner; HSCT, Health and Social Care Trust.