Table 4

Features of symptoms that did and did not cause concern to parents

Features of symptoms that did not cause concern to parents
IntermittentIt wasn't like she was constantly asleep, you know, sometimes she'd just have like a little cat nap almost you know, and then she'd be back bounding around again, you know, so it wasn't that worrying. F8 ‘That [increased drinking] was really sporadic. I mean he was only obviously drinking more on that week that he was diagnosed. M11
Not unusualI mean, he has always been a bit, sort of, he gets, he was getting tired but he can be quite like that anyway, so that didn't really ring too many alarm bells, to be honest. M6
Not making the child ‘unwell’He hadn't changed in any way, he was still managing to play football and you know, and there was no ill effects of him. M16 To look at her you would never think, she was fine in herself, the only thing was she was drinking more and going to the toilet. M1
Features of symptoms that caused concern to parents
Different or unusual for the childIt was not usual for her to drink that, you know, she never drinks water at night, she never gets up in the night so those were the triggers to me saying that there was something wrong.. M1 But when he started wetting his bed every night I was sure something is wrong because it's unusual. M7
PhysicalIt was only that last two weeks when he actually took his top off in front of me and then I panicked, I did, get him to the hospital ‘cos he's, you know, his actual shoulders were poking out and he had this like translucent look about him F9
Yeah, that's [vomiting] what really, more than anything, started raising the alarm bells, you know. F8
Interfering with daily lifeUm, because I think that drinking the water had increased so much it was getting to be ridiculous, you know, life was revolving around her needing a drink. M13
For that following week he done nothing but drink, I mean he could drink a fish out of water, I tell you, couldn't you? Just permanently drinking one drink after another and he couldn't get that thirst away. M5