Table 4

Adjusted Cox models characterising progression to the respective clinical endpoints of newly diagnosed diabetic retinopathy and all-cause mortality

Patients with complete dataAll patients
aHR95% CIp ValueaHR95% CIp Value
Diabetic retinopathy0.785*0.6880.8960.0000.802†0.7100.905<0.001
Death or diabetic retinopathy0.783‡0.6890.8860.0000.799§0.7240.883<0.001
  • *Baseline HbA1c, diabetes duration.

  • ‡Age, gender, smoking status, baseline HbA1c, prior primary care contacts, diabetes duration and Charlson index.

  • †Time-dependent HbA1c, diabetes duration.

  • §Age, smoking status, prior primary care contacts, Charlson index, time-dependent HbA1c and diabetes duration.

  • aHR, adjusted HR; HbA1c, glycated haemoglobin.