Table 4

Linear regression predicting viewing the lighter coloured pack in a pair of two brand variants more positively regarding of taste, harm, quality, would rather try and easier to quit

Plain (ref: branded)Taste betterLess harmfulBetter qualityWould rather tryEasier to quit
95% CI for β−0.29 to 0.06−0.97 to −0.56−0.11 to 0.18−0.50 to −0.14−0.76 to −0.39
p Value0.191<0.0010.627<0.001<0.001
Moderators (β, significance)Gender (ref: male) −0.14 (p<0.001)Smoking status (ref: non-smoker) 0.77 (p<0.001)
Risk awareness index 0.05 (p=0.049)
Age (ref: between 15 and 18) −0.11 (p=0.004)Gender (ref: male) −0.15 (p<0.001)
Smoking status (ref: non-smoker) 0.13 (p<0.001)
Age (ref: between 15 and 18) −0.10 (p=0.012)
Smoking status (ref: non-smoker) 0.15 (p<0.001)
  • Model adjusting for the following covariates: age, smoking status, gender and risk awareness (β and p value of significant covariates listed in table).