Table 2

Prevalence of intimate partner violence in the final study population (n=4467) displayed by age, residence, education, religion, sex of household head and household wealth index

NModerate physical violence (%)Severe physical violence (%)Sexual violence (%)Any violence (%)
Residencep<0.05, V=0.04p<0.01, V=0.05
Educationp<0.001, V=0.22p<0.001, V=0.17p<0.001, V=0.21
 No education149658+23+1260+
Religionp<0.001, V=0.06p<0.01, V=0.05p<0.001, V=0.07
Household head
Wealth indexp<0.001, V=0.18p<0.001, V=0.14p<0.001, V=0.11p<0.001, V=0.19
  • χ2 Tests are presented for differences in distributions related to each of the variables age, residence, education, religion, household head and wealth index.

  • Significant χ2 tests (p<0.05, Bonferroni corrected for 6 tests per column yielding p<0.0083) including at least one standardised residual >2 (indicated by +) or <−2 (indicated by −) are reported by p values and effect size V (Cramer's V).