Table 3

General characteristics of the 95 Canadian rural EDs participating in the study

Annual ED patient visits (mean±SD)13 458±8853
ED stretchers (mean±SD)6.8±3.9
Acute care beds (mean±SD)23.0±17.7
Long-term beds (mean±SD)18.7±23.8
Local ICU16.8% (n=16/95)
EDs>300 km from a level 1 trauma centre44.2% (n=42/95)
EDs>300 km from a level 2 trauma centre54.4% (n=37/68)*
  • *This proportion was calculated for 68 EDs because 27 (28.4%, n=27/95) do not have access to a level 2 trauma centre, according to Hameed et al's list.26

  • ED, emergency department; ICU, intensive care unit.