Table 2

Rate ratios for first ventilation tube insertion procedures in Aboriginal compared with non-Aboriginal children in a cohort of children in New South Wales, Australia, 2000–2008, including stepwise adjustment for covariates

ModelAdjusted forRate ratio95% CIp Value
1Null model0.720.64 to 0.80<0.001
2Age and sex0.720.64 to 0.80<0.001
3Age, sex, low birth weight0.710.63 to 0.79<0.001
4Age, sex, prematurity0.710.63 to 0.79<0.001
5Age, sex, private health insurance/patient0.960.86 to 1.080.532
6Age, sex, geographical remoteness0.810.73 to 0.91<0.001
7Age, sex, socioeconomic status*0.930.83 to 1.040.194
8Age, sex, low birth weight, prematurity, private patient/insurance, geographical remoteness, socioeconomic status*1.060.94 to 1.190.321
  • *Socioeconomic indices for Areas (SEIFA) Index of Relative Socio-Economic Advantage and Disadvantage based on statistical local area of residence at birth.