Table 3

Independent factors associated with influenza vaccination among elderly individuals in a multivariate analysis

p ValueOR (95% CI)
Education level0.001
 No schoolingReference
 Primary0.2290.832 (0.616 to 1.123)
 Junior middle school0.0030.641 (0.476 to 0.864)
 Senior middle school0.0100.648 (0.466 to 0.899)
 Above0.0010.535 (0.375 to 0.763)
Perceived self-condition0.014
 Common0.2560.864 (0.672 to 1.111)
 Good0.0090.703 (0.540 to 0.915)
Taking exercises
 Regularly<0.0011.475 (1.246 to 1.745)
Best measure for preventing influenza
 Other methods (ventilation, exercise and traditional Chinese medicine)<0.0010.450 (0.381 to 0.531)
  • Those variables with p<0.05 in bivariate analysis, overall seven variables, were included in multivariate logistic regression analysis. Backward logistic regression was conducted by removing variables with p>0.10, and five variables, as shown in the table, were left in the final regression model. Matched ORs and 95% CIs were calculated. All statistical tests were two-sided, and significance was defined as p<0.05. The statistic for each variable was obtained after adjustment for the other four variables in the final regression model.