Table 2

Weighted prevalence of exposure to SHS at home among non-smokers by place of residence and background characteristics

Rural (N=32 738)Urban (N=23 202)
χ2 value207.905**113.943**
Age group
χ2 value57.391**112.122**
 No formal education60.647.6
 Less than primary53.641.9
 Primary but less than secondary54.339.4
 Secondary and above41.825.5
χ2 value485.83**805.538**
 Government and non-government employee49.931
 Retired or unemployed52.230.2
χ2 value139.969**139.226**
National region
χ2 value2630.923**1654.412**
Antismoking messages in newspaper or magazines
χ2 value128.537**123.547**
Antismoking messages in TV/radio
χ2 value6.117*44.941**
Knowledge that SHS exposure is harmful
χ2 value10.528**20.242**
Knowledge that smoking causes stroke
χ2 value30.509**22.938**
Knowledge that smoking causes heart attack
χ2 value25.753**56.260**
Knowledge that smoking causes lung cancer
χ2 value1.44136.311**
  • *p<0.05.

  • **p<0.01.

  • SHS, second-hand tobacco smoke.