Table 2

Rate/rhythm control for atrial fibrillation and antithrombotic medication during the initiation phase and maintenance phase

 Initiation (n=310)Maintenance (n=769)
Number of patientsPer centNumber of patientsPer cent
Rate/rhythm control treatment
 Class 1c antiarrhythmic agent51.6314.0
 Rate-limiting calcium antagonist227.17810.1
 No rate/rhythm medication9731.315420.0
Antithrombotic medication
 Both antiplatelet and anticoagulant3411.07810.1
 Any antiplatelet and/or anticoagulant23475.567487.7
 No antithrombotic medication7624.59512.4
  • Totals of rows do not add up to the number of patients as patients may have received a combination and/or sequence of two or more treatments, that is, treatments are not mutually exclusive.

  • *Sotalol is a β-blocker with additional antiarrhythmic properties and so is shown separately from other β-blockers.