Table 7

Acceptability of the New Life New You intervention: key themes from participant interviews and illustrative quotes

WelcomingI was absorbed in from walking through the door (Participant M, male, age 48)
I was shown round and I realised I wasn't the only one [overweight]. [There is] a cross-section of people who actually use a gym (Participant K, male, age 63)
We're always chatting and welcoming, very welcoming (Participant B, female, age 45)
Friendly, sociable, enjoyable, supportiveEverybody was really friendly (Participant F, male, age 50)
You're looking for a kind of, not friendship but … people association (Participant I, female, age 60)
You're meeting different people the different sessions you go to (Participant A, female, age 59)
I do enjoy the group, so that was an incentive in itself (Participant C, female, age 58)
It was one of the best things I have ever done. I thoroughly enjoyed it (Participant G, female, age 57)
It is mixing with the people who are actually applying to this as well (Participant H, female, age 54)
She watches me because I am frightened of the water you see even though I go to Aqua fit; I'm frightened of the water so she tends to stay with me (Participant G, female, age 57)
Comfortable, convenientIt felt very comfortable to come (Participant F, male, age 50)
[Men are] a lot shyer than women to join such a group. Just men was a big thing, all shapes and sizes joined (Participant E, male, age 50)
The leisure centre opens early, so I can go swimming before work (Participant C, female, age 58)
Well-paced, varied activitiesYou are under no pressure (Participant M, male, age 48)
The more familiar you get with it [gym routine] the more confident you get (Participant K, male, age 63)
The first activity was a walk and I did find that hard, but [I thought] I need to find out what else there is so I carried on. I am glad I did push on (Participant G, female, age 57)
One of the good things about it is the level of choice (Participant J, female, age 59)
Trainers (rapport)They gave you so much encouragement along the way. They are a fantastic team (Participant I, female, age 60). The commitment that they give is unbelievable (Participant E, male, age 50)
They listen to what I have to say (Participant D, female, age 53)
Also, they are quite innovative (Participant A, female, age 59)
I didn't know any of them [trainers] before I came in and at the end of the first session it was as though I had known them for quite a long time (Participant M, male, age 48)
If they see someone that's taking the Mick, they'll pull them to one side (Participant F, male, age 50)
RecommendableI've been raving on about it ever since to everybody (Participant 0, female, age 47)
The way I would put it to somebody is, ‘Just come and it's an enjoyable experience’ (Participant M, male, age 48)
I met a lady who was already doing it. She said, ‘I think it's great: go for it’ (Participant J, female, age 59)
Recommend? [I would] absolutely, totally and utterly (Participant F, male, age 50)