Table 2

Overview of MRI findings (n)

Within normal limits542
Cerebrovascular disorders326
 Carotid dissection or occlusion12
 Cavernous malformation19
 Cerebral contusions4
 Cortical infarction89
 Developmental venous anomaly29
 Lacunar infarction133
 Intracerebral haemorrhage15
 Cerebral venous sinus thrombosis5
 Subarachnoid haemorrhage3
 Subdural haematoma or hygroma6
White matter and neurodegenerative disorders1143
 Basal ganglia disorders12
 Marked perivascular spaces37
 Possibly inflammatory white matter changes356
 Unspecific or degenerative white matter changes433
Infectious, inflammatory and metabolic disorders88
 Cerebral abscess7
 Congenital metabolic disorders4
 Optical neuritis37
 Acoustic neuroma19
 Pituitary adenoma31
 Unspecified or other type of neoplasm46
Cysts and malformations74
 Arachnoid cyst24
 Empty sella9
 Malformation or dysplasia16
 Parenchymal cyst5
 Pineal cyst13
 Pituitary cyst7
Sinonasal and orbital disorders191