Table 5

Pilot course overview and final course

DaySessionsContent of sessions
Living and dealing with pain
1. Introduction and
understanding pain and acceptance
Session 1: Introduction
Session 2: Pain information
Session 3: Acceptance: the uninvited guest
Taster activityArt
2. Mind, mood and painSession 4: Pain, when is it bearable and when is it not?
Session 5: The pain cycle
3. Movement and posture and relaxationSession 6: Movement and posture
Session 7: Breathing and relaxation (focusing the mind)
Doing something about your life with pain
4. Dealing with unhelpful, negative thoughts and barriers to changeSession 8: Reflections from day one
Session 9: Identifying problems, goal setting and action planning
Session 10: Unhelpful thinking and automatic thoughts
Taster activityHand massage
5. Making pain more manageableSession 11: Barriers to change, challenging unhelpful thoughts. Pros and cons of chronic pain and reframing
Session 12: Attention control and distraction
Session 13: Identifying things that make pain more manageable
6. Movement and RelaxationSession 14: Movement and balance
Session 15: Breathing, relaxation and visualisation
Communication and relationships

7. Communication skills
and relationships
Session 16: Reflections from day 2
Session 17: Communication with health professionals
Session 18: Communication and listening
Session 19: Anger, irritability, frustration
Session 20: Intimacy (rejected after testing)
LunchIntroduce idea of ‘buddying’ (rejected after testing)
Taster activityCraft (rejected after testing; added volunteering instead)
9. Movement and relaxationSession 21: Movement and stretch
Session 22: Relaxation and guided imagery
10. The futureSession 23: Reflections
Session 24: Managing setbacks