TableĀ 1

Participant characteristics

PseudonymNumber of interviewsAgeGenderDiagnosisTreatableVisual acuity*
Best eyeWorst eye
Rowans277MaleDry AMD both eyesNo6/96/12
Cathleen280FemaleDry AMD both eyesNo6/7.56/9.5
Alison385FemaleWet AMD both eyesYes6/96/12
Irene286FemaleWet AMD one eye, dry AMD other eyeYes6/7.56/30
Rose289FemaleWet AMD one eye, dry AMD other eyeYes6/96/12
Nuxy378MaleWet AMD one eye, dry AMD other eyeYes6/7.56/12
Ruffine382FemaleWet AMD one eye, no AMD other eyeYes6/66/24
Jordan375FemaleWet AMD both eyesYes6/366/60
Rick382MaleWet AMD one eye, no AMD other eyeYes6/9.56/19
Hermione380FemaleDry AMD and wet disconform scarNo6/15CF
Jessie387FemaleDry AMD and wet disconform scarNo6/246/120
Mary282FemaleAdvanced wet AMD, other eye unknownNo6/9.5HM
Jack382MaleAdvanced dry AMD and wet disconform scarNo6/30CF
  • *Snellen visual acuity. In order from good vision to poor: 6/5; 6/6; 6/7.5; 6/9; 6/12; 6/18, 6/24, 6/36, 6/60, 6/60, 6/96.

  • AMD, age-related macular degeneration; CF, count fingers; HM, hand movements; PL, perception of light.